How to Write Your Non-Fiction Book Like a Best-selling Novel

Webinar on YouTube: Interview with author Jenn Barrett about how to incorporate novel-writing techniques into non-fiction

Do you want to write a book? Many people do. Often, when I meet someone and they learn what I do, I hear, “Oh, I’ve been thinking about writing a book.”

But do a little research and you’ll see that the market is saturated with books about people’s journeys with cancer, overcoming an abusive childhood or marriage, or raising a special-needs child, OR people offering lessons they’ve learned on dealing with relationships, managing finances, leading in business, and so on. So how can you make YOUR book stand out?

In this webinar, I interview author Jenn Barrett about how to take concepts from successful fiction writing and use them to craft a non-fiction book that reads like a best-selling novel!

What are your thoughts?

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