Ghostwriting -

What it is; How it Works

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter takes your ideas, processes you’ve developed, content you’ve already produced, etc., and puts them into written form. Hiring a ghostwriter means that you get to be an author without having to spend hundreds of hours writing.

How does it work?

First, in your 30-minute vision call, we discuss your goals with you. Do you want to expand your practice? Get recognized as an expert? Or do you simply want to help people through your story or knowledge? 

Once we assess your needs, we help you determine a package that best works for you. 

Then we exchange materials with you. We send you worksheets to help you organize your thoughts, which we go over with you in the 1-3 planning sessions. You make available to us:

Links to your website/s

Courses or other material you've developed pertaining to the content you want produced. 

Relevant notes, articles or blog posts you've written

Your social media

Your content emerges. I study all of the materials you send me and begin adapting it to fit the outline or schedule we’ve developed.

We schedule regular Zoom meetings every 1-4 weeks. In 30 or 60 minute recorded conversations, I “download” from your brain. (Depending on the project, over time we may need to meet less often and for shorter times.) This serves to:

Polish/flesh out the content and fill in any gaps. 

Help us tweak content, especially in cases of books or larger projects.

Ensure the writing captures your voice.

You regularly review written content we send you to give us feedback. You do this via email or during our regular meetings.

Depending on the scope of your project, we may also:

Do research for you and/or

Conduct interviews with/for you of people whose stories, expertise, or insights enrich the content. 

(This is also a GREAT way to market your book/blog/article. It helps generate interest and excitement in a wider audience!)

I really love her service. She responds super quick and is very punctual. We had a great experience via virtual consultations and overall really happy with the work she presented.

Satisfied Website Content Client

You don't have to steal precious hours from your practice/company, your loved ones or your downtime.

Audience Granted Ghostwriters frees your time AND makes your writing dreams come true.

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