About Audience Granted Ghostwriters

audience granted ghostwriters

About Audience Granted Ghostwriters

We believe that powerful stories and powerful messages deserve an audience.

Audience Granted's founder, Judy Lane Boyer, dreamed since she was a kid of becoming a writer. On her journey to that destination, she has written thousands of words for employers, as a volunteer in PR at a non-profit organization, and as a non-traditional student doing research for and writing a 200-page thesis.

Judy has over a decade of language translation experience, and she LOVES to teach and tutor . . .

Audience Granted is the culmination of Judy's love of teaching, storytelling, and the art of crafting words, as well as her passion for spreading knowledge to better people's lives

It Is her dream come true.

Judy is happily married to Dave, the most charming prince ever. They live in Austin, where they have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Texas Hill Country, taste local wine and beer, and listen to live music. They enjoy being active in their church and community.

Judy loves to read, travel, cook, eat ethnic cuisine, and drink coffee. She considers central Mexico her second home, but she thinks York, England, is the most magical place in the world.

She would love to live in a hobbit house and live in a treehouse, but she hasn’t figured out how to make both of those things work at the same time.

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