Social Wellness’s Decline in America + 6 Ways to Improve It

Loneliness and the Mental Health Crisis It’s no secret: the US and many other countries are facing mental health crises and a loneliness epidemic. It’s tempting to blame these crises on a solitary cause, or even just two or three, and people do: they blame smart phones, video games, social media, vaccines, processed food, social […]

How to Write Your Non-Fiction Book Like a Best-selling Novel

Do you want to write a book? Many people do. Often, when I meet someone and they learn what I do, I hear, “Oh, I’ve been thinking about writing a book.” But do a little research and you’ll see that the market is saturated with books about people’s journeys with cancer, overcoming an abusive childhood […]

Gratitude: Why Bother? Your Mood – and Your Business – Will Thank You

I remember singing a hymn called “Count Your Blessings” in church as a kid. I always enjoyed singing it during the worship service, hearing the bass singers in the congregation boom out the repeat. I didn’t pay much attention to the words, though. But one day as a young adult, I was having a bad […]

5 Steps of the Book Publishing Process Explained

This post contains a video where veteran book publishing and marketing expert Ella Ritchie explains how to publish a book for non-fiction authors who wish to self-publish.

One Proven Key to Improve Your Relationships

This sure-fire tool will give you healthier, more enduring relationships. Suits. Like so many other Netflix viewers, my husband and I got swept up in the recent mania. Maybe because it kept popping up in my husband’s queue as a “top show.” Maybe because I’d just finished reading Prince Harry’s memoir Spare (doubly interesting from […]

Six Ways to Make Your Writing More Effective – Part III

Passive vs. Active Voice If you doubt your writing skills, OR you want to write more effectively, these tips are essential. “As I walked silently down the street, I was being followed by two men. The sounds being made by them were disturbing. One was breathing noisily as he walked along with a slouching gait, […]

Healed Yet Blind

by Judy Lane-Boyer I came to Him for healing From dark seedlings planted deep My soul was shattered, reeling with numbed feelings, sick with grief In dim regions of my heart In corners dark, wounds seeping Black roots splintered me apart In quiv’ring shards, all bleeding Not my fault—at least not all— But I heard […]

ADHD: What It Is, Five Ways It’s Frustrating AND Five Ways It Gives You Superpowers: Part IV

Once considered a childhood condition, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) has become a much more common diagnosis in adults. This is post FOUR of a series in which I cover misconceptions about ADHD, some of its challenges, plus advantages it gives those of us who have it.  I can still hear the laughter of my […]

Six Ways to Make Your Writing More Effective – Part II

Connect and Transition If you doubt your writing skills, OR you want more effective writing skills, these tips are essential. For one of my classes in high school, I wrote a paper about lions. I loved lions and had read about them for years. So, when we did peer editing in class, the feedback I […]

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ADHD: What It Is, Five Ways It’s Frustrating AND Five Ways It Gives You Superpowers: Part III

ADHD has its challenges. The way it looks to people without differs greatly from how it feels for those who have it. There are anatomical and biological differences that cause these symptoms; it is not a behavioral choice. Despite its challenges, ADHD also bestows superpowers on those who have it.