5 Steps of the Book Publishing Process Explained

Do you want to write a book? Have you ever wondered how to publish a book? Want to know how to be an author? But maybe, the process mystifies you . . .

Get ready to be demystified.

In this webinar, I interview Ella Ritchie of Stellar Communications, a self-publishing and marketing team that works with non-fiction authors. She breaks down the process into FIVE easy to digest steps so you can be prepared when you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a published author!

  1. Gathering materials–writing, editing, and images.
  2. Formatting and cover design–getting the interior laid out, any images positioned, and most importantly, a cover design that will attract your audience’s eye.
  3. Printing–getting proofs; holding that first copy in your hand.
  4. Distribution–getting your book’s ISBN number, copyright, and Library of Congress number; the different types of publishers and how not to make mistakes at this step.
  5. Marketing and PR–the various ways to get the word out about your AWESOME book!

You may be one of the EIGHTY-ONE PER CENT OF AMERICANS who say they “have a book in them,” according to one survey. Other surveys put that number much lower–“only” around 51%.

Yet only 15% or so ever start, and only 3% finish a manuscript. Why so few?

As a ghostwriter, I often hear “Ooooooohhhh! I’ve always wanted to write a book!” when they find out what I do. I always offer to sit down with the person and have a conversation about it, yet the vast majority of people don’t take me up on it, or if they do, once I talk to them about what publishing a book entails, I never hear from them again (at least not about writing a book).

What gives? Most people have the impression–I certainly did for many years before getting into the industry–that the hard part is writing a great manuscript. Then a traditional publisher will eagerly swoop it up, pay you an advance on royalties, and do all the non-writing related “stuff” to turn into a printed, bound volume with a nice cover.

The reality is much different. The book market is saturated and getting more so every day. Lots of people have great ideas, compelling stories, smart advice on _________. Traditional publishers are pickier than ever, and more and more people are turning to self- and hybrid publishing.

So when people find out that if they want to see their book in print, they’ll either have to spend time and/or MONEY

  • getting the right people involved to build their social media/email and pitch their book to publishers, OR
  • they’ll have to manage all the publishing steps themselves–hiring editors, cover designers, and so on–

–it sounds like too much. They feel overwhelmed. They push off that bucket list item to “someday.”

My hope is that this webinar will demystify the process for you and help you prepare to write your awesome book!

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