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Non Fiction

Our non-fiction package includes the initial consultation, regular book strategizing sessions, an outline, and all written content for your book. You also get an "About Author" section.

We will deliver a polished “final” draft manuscript ready for editing. If you need editors, cover designers, and publishers, we can help connect you through our network.

Prices range from $6000-$9000. Some projects may fall above/below this range depending on what material you have and how much research you need.



The fiction package gives you everything in the non-fiction package PLUS character sketches/development. Prices range from $8000-$10,000.

You’ll have a polished manuscript that's editor-ready.

Need an editor, cover designer, publisher? We have the resources to refer you.


Need to submit a piece for an upcoming conference? Want to publish in your favorite magazine but don't have time to get your thoughts on paper? 

We’ll make YOUR expertise shine.

Pricing varies based on desired length, topic, and amount of research involved. The typical range is $500 - $1500.


Need content for your page? A piece to contribute to your association's magazine? Let's discuss how I can help you reach your audience with a one-time price or package option.

Single post - $200-$400                                                                        Monthly package - $400-$800.


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