judy lane boyer

Writing Coaching

Nonfiction & Fiction

You love to write, and you have a great message for your audience, but you need accountability, help getting organized, and someone to coach you when the writing gets tough. 

Audience Granted would love to walk with you on this writing journey by helping you write an editor-ready, polished draft manuscript written by YOU. 

How does it work?

  1. We spend several meetings strategizing to write the "syllabus" for your book.
  2. Using this "syllabus," we develop an outline and timetable.
  3. You write, using the outline and timetable. You send it to us for feedback, chapter by chapter.
  4. We meet every 1-3 weeks to clarify and discuss feedback as necessary, talk through obstacles you encounter as you write, and provide accountability and support.

Prices range from $4000-$6700. Some projects may fall above/below this range depending on length, material, and how much research you need.

Want to know more? Check out this audio clip here I explain.

Why hire a writing coach?