Life/Mindset Coaches and Mental Health Professionals

“I want to be the go-to professional in my field for ___________.”


  • Book more of your ideal clients
  • Get speaking engagements, or 
  • Simply share what you’ve learned with a wider audience?

Become the authority, the SME.
Publish THE  blog or THE book on the topic.


Baby Author/Blogger Package

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Maybe you’ve developed a unique approach to helping people within your specialty or your experience has clued you into some wisdom you’d like to share.

Yet writing a blog or book right now sounds overwhelming. Alternatively, maybe you’d just rather do it yourself. Either way, our introductory service is perfect for you!

What you get:

  1. Up to four 45-minute sessions to work through our comprehensive planner
  2. A detailed outline that YOU can turn into a blog series OR a book. 

(Bonus: this process is the first step in ALL our packages, so if you decide to upgrade your package, you’re already partway there!)

Ready to start the writer’s path?

Blog-to-Book Package

You’re not a DIY-er, but you’re also not ready for a whole book—yet. Still

  • You need marketing content, plus
  • You know successful authors build their audience long before they publish. 

Our blog-to-book package is your ticket to achieving both!

What you get:

  1. Everything in the Baby Author/Blogger Package PLUS
  2. 8-12 blog posts ready to publish on a schedule of 1-2 a month.

(Bonus: you can also use content from this blog to turn into social media posts.)

Once the blog series is complete, you’ll have the “bones” of a book!

Ready to start that book or blog?

Write-the-Book Package

You’ve been wanting to write a book, and it’s time to pull the trigger.

With this package, we’ll walk with you on that journey!

What you get:

  1. Everything in the Baby Author/Blogger Package PLUS
  2. A full multi-chapter manuscript planned with the end in mind, whether that is: 
  • attracting your ideal clients, 
  • getting those speaking gigs, or
  • becoming the go-to expert on your topic of passion. 

(Bonus: We’ll also connect you with our network of high-quality professionals in editing, book cover design, publishing, and publicizing. You’ll have options to choose what’s right for you.)

Ready to invest in your dream of becoming a published author?