How to Improve Mental Wellness? Five Lessons I’ve Learned . . .

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Part 2 “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes the old maxim attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Do you think about that in the light of your mind or emotions? Our society recognizes the importance of preventive health for our bodies. Example: In my previous post in this series, I mentioned that […]

Remember the Fallen: Three Reasons We Need Flawed, Imperfect Heroes

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As Memorial Day approaches, let’s take a moment to contemplate “fallen heroes” in our own lives—even if they’re still alive. “Who is a spiritual hero in your life?” A few weeks ago, this was the ice-breaker question at a small bible study I attended. As others in the group began volunteering answers, I remained stymied: […]

How to Improve Mental Wellness? Five Lessons I’ve Learned . . .

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Part 1 Are you healthy if you never see a doctor unless it hurts bad enough? “Of course not,” most of us would say. We try to “eat healthy,” whatever that means to us. We watch our weight, go to the gym, schedule annual check-ups, and brush our teeth. So why don’t we treat our […]

Blogging: A Way to Build Trust (and Some Tips to Help You Do It)

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Is blogging overrated? Maybe. But do it right, and it can still pack a marketing punch. “Do you want to hear some feedback you might not like?” A few weeks ago, I got this Facebook message from an alleged marketing guru I had connected with. We’d “met” in the virtual world on someone else’s social […]

Catastrophe Strikes! Will it Destroy You or Forge You Stronger Than Ever?

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In this season of restoral and renewal, Christians focus on Jesus’ resurrection. But whether you’re Christian or not, Easter has an important lesson: even our darkest moments can become building blocks for a bright future. Years ago, I went through a horrible period of depression and anxiety. Without recounting the details of how and why […]

Want to Write Skimmable Content with Great SEO? Here’s Your Guide

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Have you heard the myth that human attention spans have declined in the last couple of decades? That goldfish can focus longer than the average human? Myth it may be, grounded on shaky statistics. Yet many modern readers do seem to prefer online content they can consume in small chunks that are easy to digest. […]

Give More Than You Must: It’s Good for You and Your Career

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Several years ago, I had a wonderful—but sadly, unique—experience. My phone needed a repair. Our mobile phones have become near-necessities. So when it became evident that my only option was to mail it off for a couple of weeks, you’d think the phone maker, the seller, the carrier – somebody! – would offer a loaner, […]

Boundaries or Sacrifice? How to Embrace Both

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“We have to have boundaries,” my husband said, exasperation tinging his voice. “I realize that,” I replied, trying to sound patient. “But being there for others means sometimes you have to let yourself be inconvenienced.” “We don’t even have time to get all our own stuff done,” he continued. “We need to focus on figuring […]

Rest, Don’t Stress: Silencing the Madwoman

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Taking a break can feel like laziness. Not spending a few minutes of spare time on something productive may feel like slacking. But it’s not . . .