We Tell YOUR Story to Win an

Audience for You and Your Business or Practice

What is your writing vision?

Ever said,

"I've Always Wanted to Write a Book, but I Don't Know Where to Start?"


"I Need a Blog on My Website, but I Don't Have Time?"

Audience Granted writes for you. We do the heavy lifting for people like you who desire written content but lack the time or “brain space” to make it happen.

Whether you dream of becoming a published author or simply need regular content to keep your website fresh and appealing, Audience Granted transforms your thoughts and ideas into written products.

Don’t take time away from what you do best. Don’t worry about making false starts in the writing process.

Have confidence:  your voice will carry your message to your ideal audience.

Audience Granted uses proven processes to produce content for you—by you.

Judy is an incredibly talented writer. She was able to create some great blog content using my brand voice and messaging. Not only was I impressed with her work, but she was a great person to work with. It was a highly satisfactory experience overall, and I definitely recommend Audience Granted Ghostwriters.

Dorothy Louis - Blogger